Venue Bookings

With over 13 years in the Event Production industry, we are no stranger to finding the perfect venue for your next special event. The process to being the search for the perfect venue is simple. Complete our Venue Inquiry Form (VIF) today and have options emailed to you within 48 hours.


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Event Production & Management

“From Concept to Commission” At The JW Experience, in-house customization is at the heart of every successful event. We take a streamlined approach to every production. Our on-site “Crew of Creative’s” all assume a personal interest in creating the experience that exceeds the expectation of our client first, and each other simultaneously. Outlining each step of the process, maintaining communication with our clients throughout the planning process. 

Media Relations & PR Campaigns

(CURRENTLY SEEKING) Please apply through website.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

“Can You Hear Me Now?” Too busy to maintain your social media the way your brand should be represented? No problem, we have a solution for that!  Our team of Social Media Strategists (SMS) and influencers will not only recreate the content for your social media but will also manage scheduled updates, as well as engagement with your followers and fans. We understand your are busy creating your brand, let us help you spread the word! 

Videography & Photography

“Lights, Camera, Action” With our independent studio perfect for photography and videography, in conjunction with our in-house crew, we can get that perfect shot each time, edited, packaged, and delivered. We will render you the best optics of your event within 3 business days. We also provide drone filming services.

Branding & Graphics Design

Our creative team is ready to make your brand stand out in your industry. We offer graphic services including branding, marketing promos, flyers, postcards, social media graphics, sponsorship deck, media wall and more. Contact us with your specific design needs and we’ll get your optics looking sharp. To get started on your new design, click the link below.

Investor Relations & Business Development

"Funding Projects through our Network" Our in-house advisors and partners have the experience of closing a total of $50M in capital and seed funding for projects in several industries. We assess your company and fit you with the correct business opportunity and investors. NEW INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!  Contact us TODAY! 

Talent & Entertainment Bookings

"Let's Put on a Show" Our combined 15+ years of booking talent for red carpet events, music festivals, concerts, influencers and more will provide your event the noise and entertainment needed to make your brand shine on! If you'd like to be considered for one of our upcoming stages or filming's.